December 13, 2019

A Small Family Business You Can Trust

Hello, I’m Nicholas,  founder of Elite Motorcars. Ever since I got my first car back in 1979, I have been a car enthusiast and dreamed of one day opening up my own car business. Having gone through the process of buying cars with my now grown up children, I learnt how difficult it was for young people to be sure of buying a reliable previously owned car. This is where my idea for Elite Motorcars came in, a business based off a rock solid reputation of honesty and quality. My whole business prides itself on strong family values, in the hope that my customers, even with no knowledge of cars, can feel that they are in safe hands with Elite Motorcars.

Since Elite Motorcars prides itself on its honest reputation; we would never sell a car that we felt was not up to standard. To prove this, every car we sell has been professionally serviced with a full MOT. In fact, we have so much faith in our cars that we provide a free 3 month warranty, with the option to extend up to two years!


So have a look at our cars, and feel free to ring up and speak to me directly or send me an email:

Elite Motorcars


Chepstow Road



NP18 2ND

Contact Number: 07954857446


Finance is Available

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